Dumbbo b​/​w Auto

by Hot Cops

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released September 9, 2016

Songs by Carl Eccles
Music by Hot Cops
Recorded and Mixed by Chris Ryan
Mastered by Sun Room Audio (www.srmastering.com)



all rights reserved


Hot Cops Belfast, UK

Hot Cops are a 3 piece rockingroll band from Belfast

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Track Name: Dumbbo

busy is as busy does
maybe i’m frustrated ‘cuz
picking out catastrophes from
all those laid in front of me is
proving to be hard to bear
ceiling cracks and i just stare
falling bricks and i just stare

super-silent fantasy
you don’t get what you want from me
i feel so sorry when i sing
for everybody listening
who’ll never hear a voice so sweet

sleeping limbs and undertow
the differences that i don’t know
we’re in love and that’s a fact and
i don’t even dress like that
i don’t even comb my hair
ceiling cracks and i just stare
falling bricks and i just stare

dumbbo walks the wrong way home
eyes dried up inside his skull
clouds of birds Korea-bound as
we move on to two-horse towns
big fat moons and finger bones
reminding me that i’m alone
sleeping in the undertow
pull your heart straight through your skull

put me on a higher shelf
even when i touch myself
so carefully tossed aside like
it won’t hurt if i’m alive
all this weight inside my head
fire blackening my bed
sick to death with all your friends
who all hate me for hating them

when i say your name i choke
when i say my name i choke
when i say your name i
Track Name: Auto

my city is sucking my soul

i was missing palaces
all ramshackle toolsheds and
uncut shanty towns
twist between misplaced greenhouses
with isosceles rooftops lining the canals

decorating deltas where you found the
washed up bones of that silent kid
who went missing from your neighbourhood
you know she was gone before she was gone for good

there’s thunder in my head and a
flame behind my nose telling me that
I should go

it was all sinking ships and
i was busting lips
fireflies in the water and buzzing streetlamps
and i was locked inside every crack in the footpath
the hum of the park got louder at night and
cancers grow all over the city but
it’s still very pretty and
we were parasites in Paris
we were troglodytes embarrassed by the
manners and behaviours of the modern man

no one really knows their kids
nobody kisses their parents anymore
no one really talks to their kids and
nobody talks to their parents anymore
it’s all been said before it’s said
i’m done


my city is sucking my soul