Passive Passive b​/​w Scared of Everything

by Hot Cops

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Passive Passive b/w Scared of Everything launches February 12th and is limited to 250 copies pressed on a one-of-a-kind teal 7" vinyl.

7: available here via Paper Trail Records:


released February 12, 2016

Recorded and Mixed by Chris Ryan (
Mastered by Dan Coutant (

Artwork by Elise Schierbeek (

Songs by Carl Eccles
Music by Hot Cops

Thanks to friends and families and Dan and Jack and you(???)



all rights reserved


Hot Cops Belfast, UK

Hot Cops are a 3 piece rockingroll band from Belfast

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Track Name: Passive Passive
Coquette Jimmy starts to crack
I don't wanna dress like that
Tie your shoelace
Plait your curls
I don't wanna be your girl
Or your best friend in the world
I just wanna wear your pearls
It's all good if you get yours

Passive-passive saves the day
I don't mind and it's okay
Maybe I should stay the night
It's okay and I don't mind
You can keep me if you like
But you kill me every time
That's just fine if I get mine

Wear me like you care about me
I've got so much harm to give
Wary cuz I never tried to let you in
Wary cuz I never try for anything

I think I'm getting better and
It's great to be deluded and
I'd sell my soul for crazy
Is that stupid?

Hell it's unfair, that I know,
It's who you are and where you go
Not what you make
But who it's for
I don't want to be your whore
I can't love you anymore
I just want to lose it all
That's all great if you get everything

It is getting better and
It's great to be deluded
I'd kill myself for crazy
Is that stupid?

It is so much harder now my
Thoughts have been diluted
I'd eat up all your crazy
But I'm stupid
Track Name: Scared of Everything
I'll be your prince
I'll be your queen
Or anything else on a platter
Dried up your tears
Silence stinging your ears
Nothing you felt ever mattered

Coming for me and
I'm counting my teeth
I cut my tongue on your canines
Bleeding for weeks and
I'm scared of these freaks
That I become in the nighttime

All the days turn in to night
I'm afraid to go outside
I don't want to see your skin
I'm afraid to let you in

Fond regrets will kill you, son
And looking out for number one
No loving burdens, diamond rings
It's heart breaking

Sweating cold blood
Under a tree of smoke
It sinks in deep to my arteries
Under the ground lives that
Silvery sound
Swelling up my capillaries

Fond regrets will kill you son
And looking out for number one
No loving burdens, diamond rings

It's heartbreaking
Scared of everything

All the days and all the nights
Too afraid to go outside
I'm afraid of my own skin
And I want you gone
Climb the staircase
Grip my gun
Just looking out for number one
I couldn't think a single thing
It's heartbreaking